Tradisjonsbæreren (19/05/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Frøset
Organiser: Byåsen IL
Country: Norway
Discipline: Long
Distance: 12.6 km
Time: 72:08
One of few key races before Valio-Jukola 2012. Have trained good since 10Mila with this being my 7th running session. Sweet stuff:) Wanted to do a good, stabile race with no stress or any other unpleaseantness. Ended up doing as planned with happiness as my reward!

Got a good feeling in the beginning and the orienteering part felt rather easy. Had to turn around a couple of times where the creeks were bigger than expected (3rd, 16th) and there was also some snow left here and there which made running more difficult. These things don't bother me much as they were quite hard to predict. Something that bothers me more is that I lost about 1 minute to Håvard on the long 7th leg. Started to feel tired towards the 6th, and wanted to avoid the heavy terrain for a moment. Also thought the last part towards the control looked faster this way. Shouldn't have made the cut in the beginning either, but gone all the way around. Håvard's route choice was simply much better and would have been faster anyways, well done! Was happy to see two long legs with several route alternatives. From the 7th to the finish I could run hard without doing mistakes. Could have done better in some legs (fx 14th), but had a good feeling all the way which was what I aimed for! Success!
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Tradisjonsbæreren (19/05/2012)