KKC#5 (19/10/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nordmarka/Trondheim
Organiser: Dyrehagen
Country: Norway
Discipline: Night, shortened long
Distance: 8.63 km
Time: 50:55
Best night-race so far this fall! 5th race of the KaffeKoppCup (Cup of Coffee Cup, winner gets a Statoil Cup, free Coffe for a year at Statoil's stations). Was running poorly at KKC#2 and #3. Was better at KKC#4, and captured the first victory, but still wasnt happy with the night technique. After analyzing the KKC#4, I made a night-strategy for KKC#5 together with the other Tyrvingers in Trondheim. And guess what!? well thought-out orienteering strategy/technique => success! Looking forward to KKC#6, hoping to do even better.
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KKC#5 (19/10/2011)