NM middle final (10/09/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gimildammen/Rustad, Gjerdrum
Organiser: Raumar Orientering
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Norwegian Champs middle final. Got some confidence after the qualification race, even though it wasnt one of my best performances, it was better than before. Tried to push the pace a little more. Wasnt feeling like Pre or anything like it, so wasnt too hard hanging on with the technique. The first part was more like I wanted to run in NM, nice improvement from the qual race, better runability was of course helping a bit.. Didnt manage to keep up the pace in the last part. Made some minor mistakes aswell (20, leg and control), but all in all a very good race!
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NM middle final (10/09/2011)