Kvarn (06/05/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Östergötland
Organiser: 10Mila föreningarna
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 9th
Didn't have the best feeling before this weekend. The last time i ran 10Mila was in 2009, and now I was prepared in a whole different way, spending less time running in general. The last two sessions had gone quite badly, even though the terrain in these cases was very special, and I said to myself that my bad performance didn't have to say anything about my form nor abilities, I felt down and insecure. Was important for me to run the open course on the 10Mila saturday. I focused on trusting my compass as we were about to develope a unhealthy relationship. I also wanted to take some controls in "competition speed", as this was my first session in swedish terrain since 25manna. It all went well, but the terrain was not as fast as I had expected it to be, so the "competition speed" part didn't give me the feeling I was looking for. I believe that some uncertainty was still present as I went to bed this day.

I woke up at 2am and felt rested and prepared. All the good memories from earlier 10Milas were going through my head and was really looking forward to running for Tyrving once again! Even though the team's performance through the night was not up to its potential, I was happy to see that we were still "up there", surrounded by many good teams. I felt good, happy and hungry as Anders gave me the map. In the beginning I was going fast, and maybe a bit too fast. Noticed the features as planned, but was somehow not accurate enough and made a mistake. The next part went on with good speed and without bigger mistakes. On the long 7th leg I was first happy with loosing Frol, who I caught up to the 4th. I felt strong and decided to go straight. The first half went very well. Fast micro-routes and always knowing where to go. In the second half the problems started. The open area and it surroundings didn't feel right at all, but couldn't do anything but continue. From here on it was a mix between knowing where I was, and loosing control. Never 100% sure, and always "it must be that one". Found my way to a good attack point, but instead of going for the top of the hill I went straight, following the slope. The forest here was not like anywhere else on the course, bad runability, logging waste covering most of the stones in the area. Ended up doing a huge mistake, totally losing myself and getting cought up by Frol without even noticing. The rest of the course went well, haven't run better in a long time and felt strong untill the end.

Bjørn finished with a stabile performance and finished 24th. New personal best. Not happy with own performance but nice to run 10Mila. Looking forward to Jukola!
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Kvarn (06/05/2012)