KKC#6 - the final stage (25/10/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tuluan Syd/Trondheim
Organiser: Asse&Emma
Country: Norway
Discipline: Night, middle
Distance: 6.16 km
Time: 40:12
The final stage of the KaffeKoppCup (KKC)! Since National Night-Champs are held this friday, the KKC final was a mass start race (usually chasing start). Feeling that short mass starts suits me well, I was quite confident that my 48 sec lead on Håvard Vassenden in the KKC overall would be enough for me to take the Cup home to Tyrving and Bærum. But after living 22 years on this earth, I also knew that nothing comes for free. Some 30mins before the start I therefore felt nervous and it wasnt hard to focuse on what to do - do a proper, offensive yet extra-secure relay run!

Despite the non-advantageous-for-high-intensity-performance activities (school and late nights at UKA) during the last week the start wasnt as painful as expected. After some hesitation approaching the first control I soon reached a good pace and was confident concerning my orienteering technique. Good forkings at the first, second and fourth control - wasnt too easy to tell what your position was. Realized I was close to the lead approaching the 5th control, punched it as second. Pushed quite hard on the first half of the long 6th leg, and managed to get a good stretch in the group, hopefully loosing some guys at the tail. Punched the 6th as second, behind Vegard Ruttenborg who was first at the 5th aswell. Unsure about route choice on the 7th leg. Chose safe, around the hill, according to my relay-run strategy. Pushed hard in case it was much slower. Punhed the 7th and 8th without problems. Happy with solving the 9th leg in a safe and effective way. Some uncertainties when crossing the little creek, but no bigger worries, Vegard Brun Saga then overtook me. Feeling very tired to the 10th and 11th control, but no problems finding the flags. Together with VegardR and VegardBS at the 11th and last control. Tried to push hard down the hill, but didnt stand a chance against VegardR's clever route choice (slightly left over the small hills and straight down to the finish) and VegardBS strength in the end. Anyways, happy with my performance, 3rd place after a good, stabile run, and 1st place in the KKC overall!
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KKC#6 - the final stage (25/10/2011)